The Wave

I've often thought depression and anxiety are the result of what happens when we mis-convert energy. Think about a wave in the ocean that is coming at you. You have a choice in how you respond to the the wave, you can:

  • face it and swim towards it and clear it before it breaks

  • time it, swim under the wave and successfully avoid the impact

  • turn and swim with it and use the energy as a way to propel you forward.

You also have a choice to do nothing and stand helpless in front of it, feeling the full impact of the power behind this energy. You may survive, but the added damage you face will leave you picking yourself up, getting treatment for your wounds, and wondering why the wave had to “attack” you.

Outstanding video examples of using the wave successfully can be found on YouTube by searching for a videos called “surfing a tsunami.” While they are exaggerated examples by great surfers, it represents this point well.