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Martin, 16

Substance Abuse, Oppositional Defiance, Family Conflict

“I'd been to a few therapists in my day and I'd never heard of this before. The first thing that came to mind was this was BS. I knew I could get by with being smart, moderately strong, and smoking away all my emotional problems. I kept feeling like this ‘til one day during exercise I hit my wall. Instead of giving up like I normally would, I gave it my all and kept going. I experienced a second wind and got a runner’s high. I experienced what it was like to have all three elements balanced and felt like I was on top of the world. Without manipulating, lying, or smoking my way up there. I finally understood this theory and realized the power and potential it has. I understood the connection and how it could help. I think the best part of about this is that it's not invasive therapy. It doesn't just try to pry into your life and give you reasons for feeling the way you do. It shows you how you can use all aspects of yourself to expand your life and create a healthy balance through the use of experiential techniques. See, a therapist isn't just telling you how to feel or act, it's you who experiences it and figures out for yourself how to tie the elements together. This provides not only an amazing feeling of self-worth but most importantly everything that comes from this method of therapy was already there to begin with. I do believe in this day and age, this school of therapy is on the cutting edge of experiential techniques and I would stand by its effectiveness. Not only as a firm believer but as someone who has had this technique used to better his life.”

Steven, 19

“Mind body emotion has really saved me. Once I understood my mind and body, my therapist Toby started to push me to uncover those emotions. I was really closed off and really guarded. I became trapped in my own head. After prodding and difficult situations I started to feel things again. I was never really happy, never really sad, just checked out of life playing my computer games. It's really amazing the quality of my life since I've uncovered the secret of mind, body, emotion. I'm happy, and I'm sad, and that's great. Because I can feel that sadness and I can move on from that sadness. I'm able now to identify and express my feelings and move on in a way I never could. It's something that I can never allow myself to forget. It's been so beneficial to me and I'm so thankful that concept was explained to me in a way I can understand.”

Michael continued, “once you understand the idea, at least for me, it just comes naturally. It's like a circuit. In mechanics if you have an incomplete circuit it doesn't work at all. That's kind of like what my life was like. I had these great parts this great mind, a naturally athletic body, and these strong emotions that just weren't connected, and once they do get connected it's like this light bulb goes off and everything becomes so much easier and so much more manageable. It's easy to apply once it's a part of you, it's really some kind of magic, it's something you have to experience and I feel the truth of it. Even in my bones and my body the endorphins and the chemicals in my body are reacting to this idea all the time. It makes interactions so much easier. It makes positive interactions more positive. It helps me to be more mindful, more grounded, more in-tuned with whats really going on. As I'm aware of where I'm at it helps me be more aware of my surroundings, the people I'm around and the activities I'm engaging with.”