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The theory of self explained in under 3 minutes.

Example of clinically resistant teenager addressing theory

Teenage boy describes initial resistance to accepting theory and how he individualized concept for maximum growth.

Example of understanding your Mind, Body, and Emotion connection.

The theory of Self and how it impacts one Mind, Body, and emotion in daily life addressed by a highly intelligent young adult who'd failed to find success with traditional clinical approaches.

Mind, Body, Emotion, the theory of the Self explained in under 2 minutes

A young man describes the theory of Self and the power of the Mind, Body, Emotion connection. Description of how it applies to current and future life all addressed in under 2 minutes.


Toby Joins the KLBJ FM morning show Austin, TX

The KLBJ morning radio show comprised of Dale Dudley, co-host Bob Fronseca, Matt Bearden, with Daniel Gallo producing has been entertaining and serving the city of Austin for decades. There morning show provides an authentic view into these men's own perspectives, successes, struggles, and life stories. It's been keeping our community listening, laughing, and yelling back for years. After listening for a few years Toby reached out to the show to offer some added support to the humous dysfunction which has entertained, distracted and engaged Austin in some way since the mid 1980's. While they never met or talked online, the following radio segment began as a ten minute community segment and lead into the final hour of programing as the members of the show pushed themselves and Toby to address important issues.

It's impressive to see the courage the honesty these hosts share so authentically and passionately. It shows our progress as a community to hear things like this as we continue to ponder what real strength in ourselves, families, and communities is all about.

February, 2015 Podcast

We are busy adding podcast functionality to the site. In the meantime, to listen to Toby's February 015 podcast introducing Toby Talk and MySelfScan(TM), copy and paste this link into your browser:


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K-MAC Sports High School Showcase 10-17-15

Toby Mautz joins Chuck and Mike in studio

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