Clinical Concierge Services

Clinical Concierge is redefining therapeutic treatment, leading clients to success through an innovative and engaging process. Our clients have access to their clinical expert at all times and are able to find opportunities where normally they have become stuck or overwhelmed. This leads to growth in the moment as the Clinical Concierge is there to assist and guide you in maximizing this process.

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For Individuals

Individualized plans will be created to provide maximum growth for our clients. Monthly plans allow clients access to weekly sessions with their Clinical Concierge with 24/7 wrap around support. Additional support provided for substance abuse and chemical dependency issues. Online tutoring and educational services when emotional issues impact one's ability to engage actively in the traditional school process is available.

In home treatment options for clients to assess and explore full family dynamics to better support the needs that arise for all individuals impacted by the struggles that arise in the treatment process. Out of home placement options and consultation is also available for individuals needing more containment and 24/7 supervision.


For Families

Self assessment and individualized plans are offered for each member of the family. Clinical Concierge also offers team coordination and support with current providers to maximize outcomes for all. Families use their Clinical Concierge as a conduit as many problems are able to be shifted before becoming entrenched. Trained staff are available for in home multiple day/week interventions when needed for more comprehensive and accelerated and family work.

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For In Home Support

Professional and seasoned staff enter into home for multiple day and customized plans and goals. Provides in the moment support with trained professionals which allows full assessment and understanding of family system. Additional interventions, in home psychological testing, and family retreats are also able to be customized worldwide.


For Young Adults

Transitional Living for Young Adults: Clinical Concierge supports and guides young adults with an individualized model customizing support worldwide, phone, online, or in person support. Apartment living and wrap around services available throughout the country. This includes daily programming, independent living skills, clinical support, completion of high school requirements, and college placement and vocational services. Designed and adapted to meet each individual's needs.

Areas of Specialization


Anger Management

All deal with and express anger in different ways. Understanding how to best regulate and release anger and feelings can be one of the greatest gifts to oneself and the relationships in their lives. Through better understanding how one is feeling, and establishing effective ways to release these feelings, A Clinical Concierge is able to walk their clients through a fuller understanding of their anger and in turn, a balance is established that comes from effective emotional regulation. This is an area that compounds personal feelings, relationships, and success throughout life. Learning effective ways to identify, express, and move with your emotions is a key to this work that your Clinical Concierge teaches and guides individuals through.



Whether this is school-based, social, or with daily life challenges, anxiety is something that has a profound impact on individuals throughout our society. A better understanding of the source and basis of the anxiety is the first step in facing these overwhelming and debilitating feelings. Learning to activate the three parts of the self, Toby is able to walk his clients through intellectual, physical, and emotional techniques so they can overcome these feelings and face themselves and their struggles with more confidence and success. This leads to more accomplishment within the self and the personal growth that comes from this brings about lasting change and success within.

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One of the most common issues that individuals struggle with growing up and throughout their lives is depression. Those who have experienced this condition commonly describe a lack of energy, lost motivation, increasingly an overwhelming sadness, and an impacted and decreased sense of self and personal fulfillment. Through assessing the self and determining where the impact is coming intellectually, physically, and emotionally, clients are better able to address this issue where it is most impacting them and put action plans together to work through the current struggles to become more engaged, and in turn, active within themselves. This leads to a new investment in the self and daily activities. The integrated and individualized approach provided by your Clinical Concierge allows for increased engagement and personal investment.

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Family Conflict

With all the issues individuals face, families are often where feelings come out negatively and explosively. Many times this leads to families feeling lost and helpless to effectively deal with and engage successfully with their children, partners, and friends. As the Clinical Concierge is looking to develop connection with all individuals in the family. This allow access to each individuals' strengths and areas of conflict within the family system. This allows each family member to engage independently as the family grows collectively. With decades of experience in family therapy throughout the country the Clinical Concierge is able to establish techniques and skills that bring about shifts even from the most entrenched family dynamics and systems.

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Substance Abuse, Chemical Dependency

Throughout our society, substance abuse is becoming more rampant and individuals are getting exposed at earlier ages and with greater consequences. In the ever changing accessibility of over the counter illicit substances and easier to obtain street drugs, individuals are finding their struggles and addictions compounded more and more in with each passing day. Toby's extensive residential and wilderness treatment experience has provided him with over 15 years of working directly with individuals who've overcome and worked through significant substance abuse issues. This experience provides an ability and insight to address and face these issues earlier in the process and with greater effectiveness. By addressing and challenging these issues head on, he is able to assist individuals and families put together success plans and interventions to better address and overcome these issues.

Interventions and added services available upon request.

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Business Development, Support, Staff Retention

Leadership training, retreats, and staff development programs offered for companies worldwide looking to maximize their vision, culture, retention, and work environments.