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Toby Mautz, LCSW, Founder, Clinical Concierge

Toby grew up in New Hampshire and attended Boston College for his undergraduate and graduate degrees. He focused his education on assisting at­-risk youth adolescents, young adults, and families and specialized in experiential and adventure-based education and the impact this could have on inner-city youth and families and communities.

Toby began working as an intern at a residential treatment option in Walpole, MA in 1991. Following his BA in Sociology and MSW in 96, he began working for a non-profit in Boston, MA where he served as a lead clinician and developed and implemented their first adventure/outdoor-based therapy model. His career has led him and his family throughout the country in a variety of roles; Clinical Social Worker, Advocate, Residential Clinician, Wilderness Therapist, Clinical Director, Consultant, Program Consultant, a Program Owner, and later as a CEO before engaging fully as a founder of Clinical Concierge and TobyTalk.com.

Toby spent seven years in Hawaii working as a key employee and leader who contributed to the sustainable growth treatment model and was pivotal in the growth of both the program and hundreds of adolescents, young adults, and their families.

His understanding and expertise in both clinical and experiential techniques have allowed him to develop MySelfScantm, a highly interactive and effective model for personal growth and activation/actualization. Toby has also served as a private consultant educational institutions, corporations, and complex family dynamics..

His own experiences and travel have greatly enhanced his own self-development and professional work. Toby and MySelfScan,tm is based out of Austin TX with custom and individualized plans available nationwide. toby@clinicalconcierge.org

Our team is extensive and individualized based on client needs. Medical, vocational, professional coaching available. Consulting services and placement recommendations offered when indicated. Transitional and specialized living available at clinicalrecovery.org

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Our Integrated, Balanced Approach

Clinical Concierge's approach helps clients better understand themselves, their challenges and their family interactions. Services are individualized based on age, struggles and current needs. Monthly plans are provided and access is available throughout the week with increased support and plans for sense of self issues, family issues, chemical dependency issues. interventions and increased treatment options available when necessary. www.clinicalrecovery.org